Registration Issues

I have not received an email about my registration
Please refer to your “promotions” or “spam” folder, as registration emails may end up there.

In the event you have ever unsubscribed from any of the BLACK ONYX services via email, you will need to register with a different email address (POPI).

My account and/or password is not being recognised
The 3rd party software we employ is highly secure and prevents us from accessing your profile, therefore we cannot support this query manually. Moving between browsers can cause login issues, we recommend using an updated version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
We also advise you to clear your cache and retry. In the event you cannot access your account, please refer to the troubleshooting process at
Forgotten username and or passwords
Your username will always be the email address you used to register for this service and you will select your own password. In the event you have forgotten either, please click "forgotten password" directly on The CPD Hub.
Why do I need to submit my ID Number?
In order to verify for accredited CPD points, you will need to prove your identity. 
Why do I need to submit my mobile number?
In order for us to confirm your registration and ID, we need your mobile number, which will be used to alert you of your registration of this service and update you on the progress of your scorecard each month. Your mobile number may also be required to verify your password as a security procedure.
Can I register offline?
Unfortunately, not, as this is strictly a digital service.
How long and how much is this service?

How much is the service?
There are 3 packages to choose from - Free, Individual R499pa and Corporate from R7999pa

(allows users to become familiar with our services before committing to 12 months)
- Unlimited access to ALL our CPD content
- Monthly update on new CPD content and interviews
- No access to online assessments
- No CPD certificate or scorecard

- Unlimited access to 20+ hours of CPD content
- Monthly updates on new CPD content and interviews
- Access to online assessments
- Access to certificates after completing each module on THE CPD HUB
- Access to your CPD scorecard on the monthly report

(uploads multiple users with access to a central competency register)
- Aggregation of CPD Points from other CPD service providers
- 10 user minimum requirement for on-boarding
- Unlimited access to ALL our CPD content
- Monthly update on new CPD content and interviews
- Access to online assessments
- Access to certificates after completing each module on THE CPD HUB
- Access to your CPD scorecard on the monthly report

Click here to upgrade to any of the packages, or here to see the intro videos for all the packages. 
FIA members benefit from a 50% discount on the INDIVIDUAL package, please click here for more.

How long is the subscription?
Each package is for a minimum of 12 months. If you upgrade from one to the other, you will enter into a new 12-month contract and any previous contract will be terminated, at no additional cost.
How often do I pay?
You pay once, for the full 12-month term. There are no monthly payment options.
How do I pay?
You pay online with a credit card or debit card. We integrate a US-based system, which uses PayPal which you can transact on with your VISA, Mastercard or debit card. We do not accept cash, cheques, or bank deposits or ETFs.
Can I cancel?
Yes, you can cancel the FREE package while you are trying it out. Once you have committed to the INDIVIDUAL or CORPORATE packages, you are contracted for 12 months with a once-off payment. You will pay upfront for the service and cannot cancel in those 12 months. A contract will only cede when you upgrade and commit to a further 12 months.
About the CPD points

How do I earn my CPD points?
You will need to be subscribed to either the INDIVIDUAL or CORPORATE package to earn and track CPD points.

1 hour of your time = 1 CPD point and we track your participation on THE CPD HUB. On completion of the assessments, after completing the respective modules, you will need 80% to pass and earn your points for certification (FAIS).

Where do I earn my points?
In order to generate your CPD points, you will access most of our content from THE CPD HUB (online or offline). Additional points are available from our other BLACK ONYX platforms and newsletters and our service will track them for you. 
Can I upload points from other service providers?
Yes, but you need to subscribe to the CORPORATE package and meet the verification criteria which assumes a predetermined individual has been pre-appointed to serve a compliance function and is responsible for verifying and submitting your CPD points that have been generated from accredited services off our system.
Click here to subscribe to our CORPORATE package

How many CPD points do I require?
It is up to you to work out how many points you require, whether is 6, 12 or 18 for FAIS, or 35 for CFP® FSA™ AFP™ or RFP™, while it varies for other financial professionals like CAs, CFAs, actuaries, stockbrokers, etc. Please consult your compliance officer.
How many points can I get off the system?
Assuming you are registered for the INDIVIDUAL or CORPORATE package, as many as you want, the more the better, there is no limit.
How much do I pay for each point?
ZERO… We don’t charge per point and make all our content freely available across multiple platforms. In order to manage a CPD scorecard and get certification, we have established a set value for the service, to earn as many points as you require, from multiple access points.
Are the points verifiable?
Yes, you will also need to complete a few basic assessments for verifiable CPD points (FAIS) at the end of each module.
THE CPD HUB is powered by BLACK ONYX and an accredited CPD service provider (FPI & IOBSA)

How do I know how many points I have?
If you are subscribed to the INDIVIDUAL or CORPORATE package, you will receive email notification from THE CPD HUB on completion of each module.
Your CPD scorecard will be updated and presented to you each month in the FUND HUB Monthly Report.
The FUND HUB Monthly Report is a CPD accredited newsletter, delivering your CPD points alongside complementary asset manager interviews and market research.

About the CPD service provider and content

BLACK ONYX is a distribution specialist and Reg Tech service provider, overseeing interactive platforms like FUND HUB and THE CPD HUB for financial professionals and investors looking to establish sophisticated investment portfolios.
Our content is complimentary, supporting economic transformation and financial literacy. 

Is BLACK ONYX an accredited service provider?
BLACK ONYX is an accredited IOBSA and FPI CPD service provider (140296), endorsed by the FIA and a registered FSP (47701).
Is BLACK ONYX FAIS compliant?
BLACK ONYX is a registered FSP (47701), adhering to FAIS requirement and Andrew Ludwig is the Key Individual and Representative, who remains Fit and Proper.
Is BLACK ONYX POPI compliant?
The POPI laws are still being determined and in the interim, we have consulted with our compliance officer and sought legal opinion, and for the interim, we will adhere to all the POPI principles, while no firm is subject to any laws in RSA just yet.
Management of CPD Scorecard and Certificate

How are my CPD points tracked?
Every module you engage with will be tracked and after completing the module’s assessment you will be awarded the prescribed CPD points. These points will then be stored in our central system and distributed every month via email.
How do I receive my CPD scorecard?
All CPD HUB subscribers, will receive the FUND HUB Monthly Report. If you are subscribed to the INDIVIDUAL or CORPORATE package the report will include your up-to-date scorecard and list of completed modules. If you are subscribed to the FREE package, your up-to-date CPD scorecard will not be published, as you will not have been able to access the assessments. Upgrade here.
Can this system manage CPD points from other service providers?
Yes, but you need to be subscribed to the CORPORATE package, which comes with a few prerequisites to ensure your reporting is authentic. Upgrade here.
How do I get my certificate?
Certificates are generated by request off the CPD HUB. This assumes your successful completion of modules within INDIVIDUAL or CORPORATE packages on the CPD HUB. The completion of each module (after assessment) is tracked and CPD points awarded and reported each month via THE FUND HUB Monthly Report.
You will be required to complete a short online registration process to verify your identity. download my certificate

Why can’t I see my CPD scorecard in THE FUND HUB Monthly Report?
The CPD points are only displayed to users who have subscribed to the INDIVIDUAL or CORPORATE packages, and completed the modules with assessments. Click here to upgrade now.
Why can't I see my certificate?
Certificates are generated by request off the CPD HUB. This assumes you have completed the modules within the INDIVIDUAL or CORPORATE packages in THE CPD HUB.
download my certificate  log special request

About the CPD content.

What is the content about?
BLACK ONYX interviews the best asset managers (traditional, passive, boutique and alternative) and industry stakeholders, who share their knowledge about investing, wealth management, financial planning and regulation.
Who else contributes to the content?
BLACK ONYX collaborates with asset managers and industry stakeholders, who contribute to the content. BLACK ONYX encourages individuals and firms to contribute to the sustainability of this initiative.
What format does the content come in?
Typically, BLACK ONYX focussed on high-quality videos, which are then converted into podcasts. We also support reading material in the form of eBooks and PDF courses, which at times are also converted into podcasts.
How much content is there?
There are 20+ CPD points available and accessible from videos, podcasts, eBooks, and newsletters.
How often will the content be updated?
As more and more content is produced and accredited, and the system continues to attract other like-minded participants, we would expect to maintain no less than 20+ hours in a CPD cycle, valid for one year.
Is all the content verifiable for CPD points?
Yes, BLACK ONYX is accredited by the FPI and IOBSA. Not all financial professionals require verifiable points, in the event a piece of content is not verifiable, it will be clearly marked.
About the CPD assessment

Why must I do an assessment?
Verifiable CPD points require the individual to complete an assessment at the end of each module, in order to generate the CPD points. The format is typically a true/ false or multiple-choice assessment with an 80% pass and can be done up to 3 times.
Why can’t I see any assessments after I have completed a module?
The assessments are only available to users who have subscribed to the INDIVIDUAL or CORPORATE packages. Click here to upgrade now.

​​​​​​​The assessments are at the end of each completed MODULE and because it is a learner-paced system you can bounce between modules as you like while our system will show your progress. You must complete the assessments if you wish to generate CPD points.
About the affiliate program

Who is eligible for the affiliate program?
Any individual or company can register for the affiliate program, but will need to support their subscription with copies of their ID and proof of residence. Click here to apply.
What are the steps to becoming an affiliate?
You will complete an online registration and within 5 working days receive your digital affiliate link, which you must use to refer people to THE CPD HUB, so as to track the introduction to the subscription.
How do I refer people?
Once you have received your digital affiliate link, you can invite other people or companies to THE CPD HUB. This can be done via email, WhatsApp or uploading larger communities with an excel spreadsheet.
How do you keep track of the referrals and subscriptions?
A 3rd party system will track every person you refer via the digital affiliate link and cookies, and inform you only when they have paid for our service.
When do I get paid?
Once referred individuals or companies have paid for a subscription (INDIVIDUAL or CORPORATE), you will receive a commission. Commissions are paid out on a monthly basis back to the credit card you registered with.
How much do I get paid?
The affiliate program offers a range between 10% and 20% commission.
Contact details

How do I get in touch with a person at THE CPD HUB?
Click here to send us an email and one of our consultants will get back to you.